Saturday, August 15, 2009

God's Unfailing Goodness Comes in the Weirdest of Ways

Reading Mark's Gospel while our house church met last Sunday, I was reminded that Jesus always wanted to help. He was moved by people's plight. The greek word that gets translated as "Jesus felt compassion for them" really meant "Jesus got his gut twisted in concern for them". So. He loved people.

But that help of His often came in the weirdest of ways...

When a deaf and mute man is brought to him, he spits in the man's ear's and on his tongue! When a gentile woman asks for help for her daughter, Jesus seems to insult her. What the??

I think at times Jesus makes it hard for us to accept His help. He seems to want to affect us more deeply than just answering our prayer, or else we'd treat him like an ATM and our lives less seriuosly as a result.

At other times it comes in ways which are uncomfortable and hard for us to accept (or even perceive) simply because God ain't like us.

In either case, what are you asking God for in this season of your life? Could it be He wants to offer you help in a weird weird way? Can you be humble and accept the way forward the way that woman and that man did? [Mark 7:24-37]. I think I still struggle with this myself.

But in the end, our lives can be testimony to the goodness of God in the same way the people around these incidents spoke of Jesus: "He has done everything well".