Tuesday, November 6, 2007


My youngest son had a sick day from school today. I walked into his bedroom to see if he needed anything at one point. He was sitting up in bed and he said matter-of-factly:

"Hi Dad. I'm just praying for a boy from my old school. He left the school and went to hospital because he had diabetes. I asked God that if he was still in hospital, to bless him and make him feel better; if he was home, to help him have a happy life; and if he has died and gone to heaven that God will say hi and give him a hi-five from me."

How cool is that?


Bob said...

Aren't kids a blessing? Wow. What an awesome prayer. And dad, you must be doing something right!

Pete Aldin said...

Thanks Bob. I think God's been doing something right and we're blessed with a boy whose heart is good soil...