Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Walk by Faith

I'm a big believer that the journey of faith is meant to be an adventure. I think that the "command" in scripture to walk by faith is equally an invitation.

I love the much-preached-about story of Simon Peter walking on water (Matthew 14:25-33). Here's a few short thoughts on what walking by faith means to me, based on that story.

  1. It begins with either asking for or receiving a command/directive from God. (verse 28-9: "If it's You, command me to come to You on the water." ... "Come!") - God, what do You want me to do next? Jesus, if you want me to go do XYZ, just tell me, please!
  2. It continues by acting on what God says to do (verse 29) - this may be a personal word for you, spoken into your heart or simply acting on a scripture that's meaningful to you.
  3. Action that God considers faith is pointed at God or it's doing something alongside Him - just as Peter was looking at Jesus the first time he walked then walked beside Jesus the second time. In our lives, whether we feel that contact or not, it simply means we are doing something to be allied and alligned with Him, not for our own selfish purposes - Father, I don't want to do this just so you'll make me wealthy or famous, or even just for the buzz, but to know You and to live the adventure with You!
  4. Walking by faith for Peter was based on what he'd seen Jesus do. Jesus modelled, Jesus showed him what was possible. Peter copied then found he was doing it, joining in. Jesus models both the lifestyle and the possiblities for us... Maybe there's more to the command "Follow Me!" than just passively agreeing to a doctrinal position and saying a Sinner's Prayer...

Go on. Walk by faith a little!


Yehudi01 said...

Pete, atah tzodek chaver! I love what this implies, and I love it for the Jewish community as much as you love it for the Christian community. I think the Jewish community can use a little more "spontaneity" in regards to worship, prayer, and your 'stepping out of the boat in blind faith' analogy. I think this really hits on the heartbeat of the project we're working on together. Great post, Kefa!

Pete Aldin said...

I certainly think your Big Project at the moment is stepping out of the boat. And it's definitely aimed toward God!

Yes, spontaneity is definitely what I need this year and I'm sure He'll suddenly appear in a new way and offer it to me.

Bless ya Daniel!

Jeremiah said...

Like it. I noticed you're highlighting pertinent passages. Good form.

Pete Aldin said...

The highlighting pertinent passages is learned behaviour from preaching for 12 years. :) Don't even know I'm doing it half the time.

Yehudi01 said...

How's things going, my friend? Haven't heard from you in awhile..
I hope that you're simply busy and filling up your time with things of value, like the boys and family.
Lech L'Shalom, Daniel

Pete Aldin said...

Life is full to the brim and they're mainly Covey's Quadrant I & II demands, so I can't and won't complain. But it's leaving little time for lots of other important but not urgent matters like blogging and catching up with friends.

Will be in touch soon :)