Monday, March 24, 2008


Our "house" church drew together yesterday - easter sunday - for pizza, homemade hotcross buns, oreos and cheese and crackers. Oh, and also to remember and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.

We were wonderfully led through a series of ten passages of scripture by Brother Dave ... and we would pause after each passage and unpack it as it struck us. Before we knew it, an hour and a half had gone by before we reached the final passage, read by my eldest son from his favourite book Revelation. The passage was a wonderful counterpoint to the pain and loneliness of Jesus on the cross, and the confusion straight after the resurrection. It described millions of people worshipping God and "the Lamb", totally clear on who He is, totally for Him, totally besotted with Him.

It was a beautiful time and we remembered particularly that Jesus as a Jewish man with no earthly father, unjustly treated, abused and abandoned by his friends, tasted of human suffering so totally that no one can say "He can't judge me". We also paused to remember his abject aloneness as well as the confusion that the disciples were in, which reminded us that when we are in crisis, it's normal to not be able to quote scripture and feel like everything's ok. Just as they had no idea what was happening, so do we often.

But joy comes in the morning. Resurrection comes and God ushers in a new day with new thinking, new challenge, new calling and new blessing and power available to us.

Praise be to God and to the Lamb who was slain, and who lives again to intercede for us.



Yehudi01 said...

So glad you had a good Easter! I'm guessing that it was the oreos that made the day extra-special!

Anonymous said...

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Pete Aldin said...

Yehudi, long time no speak, sorry about that! Oreos make any day special! But it was more the community we have around the enormously significant historical impact of Christ's death and resurrection...

Anonymous, thankyou for your amazingly edifying comment. I would be interested to know if this kind of marketing actually accomplishes anything besides testing the patience and graciousness of blog owners...